Domestic Flights

Solomon Airlines (Fly Solomons) is the only operator of domestic flights within the country. The airline has a scheduled scenic route from Honiara to Marau airport located in the Marau Sound on the eastern end of Guadalcanal and only a few minutes by boat from Tavanipupu Island Resort.

You can find out more about domestic airports and flight routes by visiting the  Solomon Airlines website.

A private helicopter business can also operate domestic flights from their heliport at the Henderson International Airport on Guadalcanal, however, flights are only operated on a charter basis. Those wanting to charter a helicopter are advised to enquire with the helicopter service at Henderson International Airport.

Yachts and Boats

The Solomon Islands are an ideal yachting destination with a choice of over 900 islands to navigate through including Tavanipupu.

If you’re planning to reach the country by boat, it is a requirement that you first seek clearance at an official Port of Entry before going ashore. Failure to do this will result in an encounter with local law enforcement agencies and a potential hefty fine.

 Official Ports of Entry where you may clear  Customs and  Immigration include Honiara on Guadalcanal, Korovou, Ringgi and Gizo in the Western Province, Yandina and Tulagi in the Central Islands Province and Graciosa Bay in Temotu Province.

If you plan to cruise the islands after you check in at an official Port of Entry, it is advisable that you check in with customs at ports where their offices are located along your chosen route.

The resort can also cater for the needs of passengers visiting the island onboard cruise ships that pass through Tavanipupu along their designated routes.


Arguably the Pacific Ocean’s best kept secret (well, it was until Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate arrived for a memorable stay), Tavanipupu is located in the Marau Sound in the Solomon Islands. Only a short 25-minute flight away from the Solomon capital, Honiara, this tropical paradise is surrounded by an enchanting turquoise lagoon and the crystalline waters of the Coral Sea.

Quaint, remote, untouched and serene, Tavanipupu is an island for the discerning – a “real” experience, far removed from the more-established resorts. This is an island where the staff paddles to work in dugout canoes and have never eaten in a restaurant or experienced most of what the modern world takes for granted.  It is as untouched as any place in the world where you can sleep in a king sized bed and have a fridge in your room, calling like a siren to lure men and women to her beautiful shores. With famous guests ranging from Prince William & Kate Middleton, Paul Allen and Diane Furstenberg, Kristy Bartilios all dropping by to this incredible Pacific paradise, Tavanipupu promises an incredible experience that will stay with you forever.