The Solomon Islands has been called the last Paradise on Earth. The Solomon Islands are made up of more than 990 islands; Tavanipupu is an island resort that has all the amenities and facilities for your ideal moments to enjoy in paradise.

Solomon Islands National Provident FundThe island resort is also wholly owned by the people of Solomon Islands through the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) which took over ownership of the resort in 2015. The SINPF is the only national superannuation fund scheme in the Solomon Islands and, as such, all proceeds received by Tavanipupu Island Resort contributes directly towards the welfare of the Funds members.

The island is home to clear blue waters and pristine reefs that surround the island and reach out to the unspoilt waters of Marau Sound. Tavanipupu Island Resort welcomes all guests including families, couples, honeymooners, corporate groups and weddings.

This magical island will captivate the most seasoned of travellers.

Our experienced chefs will tantalize your taste buds with fresh caught local seafood and international cuisine. You can sit back and relax at our lounge and bar facilities, even catch the last rays of the day sipping a cocktail at the overwater bar.

Tavanipupu is one of the world’s best Island resorts and is regarded as the best place to stay in Solomon Islands. In 2012 the resort hosted the Royal couple, Prince William and Princess Kate.

Built on the site of a former coconut plantation, the exclusive 13-hectare island features just 10 bungalows. Five of the 10 bungalows have been recently renovated and three more bungalows were built new at the start of 2016. Enjoy the accommodations, with rattan furnishings, a plush king-size bed, oversized bathrooms, and private deck with ocean views. Our resort accommodations include drinking water in bungalows, round-trip transportation between the resort and Marau Airport for up to four guests. To enhance tranquillity, our bungalows have no telephones or televisions; however there is complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access in the main lounge areas.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Island and in particular our lagoon is a fragile eco-system which we are passionate about and encourage our guests to help keep it this way.

When walking on the reef, guests at the resort are encouraged to take care not to harm or remove things from their natural environment.

Even the island resort’s septic system is a treatment plant that breaks down waste that is then recycled back into our gardens to minimise the impact it has on our lagoon.

Solomon Islands generate all power through diesel generators. Using fossil fuel to generate power is not only extremely expensive, it harms our island and not to mention the air we breathe. Therefore we always seek our guests’ assistance to help reduce the unnecessary use of power where possible in order to minimise whatever negative impact this activity may have on our island’s environment.