Culinary Magic.

Tavanipupu’s Toutounire Restaurant and Bar offers a unique cuisine that fuses locally sourced seafood, vegetables and ingredients with the highest standards of international culinary practices.

  • We ensure quality by sourcing on a daily basis, only the freshest local seafood, vegetables and ingredients for our menu dishes.
  • From Sea & Soil to Plate.

    We ensure quality by sourcing on a daily basis, only the freshest local seafood, vegetables and ingredients for our menu dishes.

    Tavanipupu’s Toutounire Restaurant and Bar offers a unique cuisine that is built on a staple of locally sourced seafood and organic vegetables which we source on a daily basis to ensure that our guests are able to enjoy tasty meals cooked with the freshest ingredients.

    From yellow fin tuna to lobsters and squids to an array of freshly caught reef fish, our chefs serve palatable dishes that can be adapted to special dietary requirements and that blend together freshly caught seafood and ingredients with world class cooking practices and spices.

  • Motu (Lovo).

    Once a week, we prepare a special dinner for guests using a traditional oven called a motu (lovo).

    The generations old traditional cooking method uses stones heated by fire, on top of which are placed layers of delicacies such as seafood caught in the pristine waters of Tavanipupu, traditional cassava puddings, sweet potatoes (kumara) and other traditional root crops all tightly wrapped in a weave of banana leaves and roasted until they are uncovered as succulent morsels ready for consumption.

  • Experience a unique Solomon Islands meal cooked on hot stones in a specially prepared traditional oven.
  • Your choice of thinly sliced meat and seafood served with vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces grilled to savoury perfection by our chefs.
  • Mongolian Night.

    Every weekend we host our popular ‘Mongolian Night,’ treating guests to an all-you-can-eat buffet of seafood, meat and vegetables grilled in the world renowned Mongolian style.

    The interactive dining experience allows guests to pick their choice of thinly sliced raw meats and fresh seafood onto which they add their choice of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces before handing their raw creations to our grillers to turn into a savoury meal served with red and white wines or beverages of their choice.

  • Entertainment.

    The Marau Sound area where Tavanipupu Island is located has a rich cultural heritage made up of a unique blend of the Are’Are culture which made its way over to Guadalcanal Island generations ago by settlers from neighbouring Malaita Island and traditions of the Guadalcanal people.

    On special dinner occasions, guests get to experience this rich culture through live performances from pan-pipers and traditional dances performed by members of the resort’s surrounding communities.

    This truly Solomon Islands experience is highly recommended for guests.

  • Experience the unique sound of Solomon Islands pan-pipes and the rich culture of the Marau Sound area through traditional performances.
  • Enjoy Tavanipupu’s sunrise with your breakfast from the comfort of your bungalow or at a secluded nearby location.
  • Breakfast in Bed.

    Wanting to enjoy a delicious breakfast alone in bed or watching the island’s sunrise creating beauty from a spectacular lagoon view canvas near your bungalow?

    Tavanipupu’s friendly staff can deliver your breakfast of choice straight to you.

    At the Island Resort, privacy is one of our fortes so we go out of our way to ensure that guests are able to spend whatever precious time they have together on the island uninterrupted – if it’s romance and privacy you want, romance and privacy you will get.

  • Romantic Dinners.

    Imagine sitting on top of a jetty, listening to the sound of waves as they gently roll onto the shoreline of a beautiful tropical island. Then imagine that you are sitting on an intimately laid out table for two – the décor intricately arranged, the linen neatly laid out.

    Your loved one sits across the candlelit lit divide, staring affectionately into your eyes.

    You see the flickering of fire torches as they cast dancing shadows on the dimly lit pier and stemware on the table, beside which there is a private butler at the ready to attend to your every need. Then imagine no more for this is a real night at Tavanipupu Island Resort.

  • Secluded locations, fine dining and world class service make our romantic nights an unforgettable experience.
  • Our cocktail menu promises a quencher for every taste and a blend for every mood and occasion.
  • Cocktails.

    Tavanipupu Island Resort’s Toutounire Bar serves a menu of ‘tasty’ cocktails that shake together some of the world’s best known cocktails with a Tavanipupu twist.

    Our cocktails offer a drink for every mood and occasion and we literally think outside the glass when it comes to our cocktails, serving some of our liquid creations in coconut shells to add an island theme to the mix.

    Our unique blends also feature a tropical touch such as Marau Sound bush limes and sugarcane sticks.

  • House Wines.

    Tavanipupu Island Resort’s Toutounire Bar serves a handpicked range of wines from red and white wines to sparkling wines.

    Tavanipupu Island Resort’s Toutounire Bar serves a flamboyant range of white wines from the green and herbaceous flavours of Sauvignon Blanc to the oaked or zesty flavours of Chardonnay.

    Our selected red wines include the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon red wine with its distinctive dark fruit flavours and the classic Cabernet Merlot blend. For those looking for red wine that is easy to drink, we also serve glasses of Merlot-Shiraz and our sparkling wines include the dry and light in body Jean Pierre Brut blend, all of which are selected according to our creative food pairing criteria.

  • Our range of select wines promises that you will have the ideal pairing for all food offered at Tavanipupu.