Medical Facilities

The Solomon Islands Government operates a number of hospitals, clinics and medical posts throughout the country through which it mostly provides free health care apart from some services.

A National Referral Hospital is the country’s main hospital located in the capital Honiara, supported by 7 satellite hospitals located in the nation’s provinces.

These hospitals are supported by a network of over 300 clinics, health centres and nurse aid posts scattered throughout the country including the eastern region of Guadalcanal in which Tavanipupu Island Resort is located.

Additionally, the Australian-owned Aspen Medical also has a private facility in Honiara through which it provides medical services and solutions to Australian standards.

We provide basic first aid equipment but it is recommended that guests notify resort management if they have any special dietary requirements or allergies.


Solomon Telekom and Bemobile are Solomon Islands’ largest mobile phone service providers with a combined coverage of over 85% of the country. The companies provide 3G and 4G networks in Honiara and in most of Solomon Islands’ provincial capitals. Sim cards for mobile phones and other handheld devices are readily available and relatively cheap.

Solomon Telekom and SATSOL are Solomon Islands’ major Internet Service Providers (ISP), however, Solomon Telekom is the only network that is accesible on the resort and guests are advised to use Solomon Telekom SIM cards while here.

The country also has television as well as AM and FM radio broadcast services available in Honiara and in some provincial capitals.

Travelling while in Honiara

Honiara is a necessary first stop for many of our international guests and the primary form of transport to the resort is via our domestic flights - find our more about Getting Here.

Minibus and Taxi services operate to and from the Henderson International Airport and taxis are available at most provincial towns throughout the country.

Resort guests arriving at Henderson International Airport may also be picked up by shuttles operated by the capital’s main hotels and accommodations however, it is advisable that guests check their booking details to confirm if this transfer option will be available to them.

In Honiara, buses also operate along routes throughout most of the capital city. However, visitors should be aware that most of these buses are minibuses with only a handful of coaches operating in routes throughout the capital.

Car hire services also operate in Honiara if you prefer driving yourself and some of the more well known services have booths located inside the Henderson International Airport terminal.